Cielo Vista Insurance prides itself in protecting El Paso businesses by ensuring that they have the proper business insurance. We will design a unique insurance solution for your type of business and commercial insurance.

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General Liability

Your business faces numerous risks on a daily basis. Having a reliable commercial insurance is of great significance. General liability protects your business from bodily of property damages. Speak to one of our agents to get the most suitable insurance for your business at a low cost.

Worker’s Compensation

Injuries of an employee may cost your business large sums of money. Our company will ensure your business has the best protection when it comes to unexpected damages. We will help you manage worker injuries and guarantee costs remain minimal.

Commercial Auto

Commercial auto insurance ensures liability for bodily and property damage in association to the ownership or use of vehicles involved in your business. Our company will work with you to find the best protection for your motorized equipment. We strive to provide broad protection at an affordable price.

Commercial Property

Having the best protection for your business assets is vital. In case a catastrophe was to occur our company makes certain that you are provided with the best coverage for your business needs. Our company specializes in meeting your insurance needs when it comes to physical damage or loss of your business property.

Garage Insurance

If your business works with other people’s vehicles acquiring garage insurance is vital. Our company provides protection from claims involving customer’s automobile in your business. We will ensure that your business insurance needs are met with the proper liabilities.

Special Event

Creating a special event takes careful planning so when an unexpected situation occurs you should be protected. Spending large amounts of money for an event can be worthless when a catastrophe has struck. Our company makes sure that all special events have the best protection according to particular occasion.

Builder’s Risk

From small home builders to commercial contractors our company can provide the best protection to meet your business needs. Our company thrives in meeting your insurance needs in the construction industry. Our agents will work with you to make sure you obtain the proper coverage at the most affordable price.

Business Owners Policy

Business Owner’s Policy is of great significance to any small business. It is the best way to acquire broad coverage in an inexpensive manner. Our company ensures your business has the exceptional protection with property and liability coverage.

Property Liability

When your property is damaged or destroyed you want to make sure your business is covered. Our company dedicates itself in making sure you are reimbursed for such damages. Speak to an agent to attain a broad coverage for your business at an affordable price.

Tools & Equipment
Surety Bonds

A surety bond should be a guarantee in any business transaction. Our company ensures that each party is meeting their obligations fully. When a failure to a contract occurs we will have your business covered with the best protection.

Trucking/ Long Haul Insurance

A trucking business must deal with numerous obstacles on a daily basis, therefore having the proper insurance for your business is of great importance. Our company will make certain that your employees as well as your business assets are well protected against any damages or loss. Speak to an agent to obtain a reliable insurance at an affordable rate.


Take away the worry of having your business assets deplete in value by acquiring an Umbrella Liability Policy. Our company ensures that you will have the best protection when unexpected situations occur. Our agents will work with your business to make certain all your needs are covered.

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